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The following is a schedule and list of classes I will be presenting at adult education

Course Descriptions - Dr. Shirley Espinoza - Health and Wellness Series

NEW! Cold laser Therapy for Acute & Chronic Pain

Cold laser therapy is a natural therapeutic DRUG & SURGICAL FREE treatment option to treating and reducing Acute and Chronic pain. This class address’s what is Cold Laser Therapy and how it may help you with your acute or chronic pain. Presented by Dr. Shirley Espinoza. Complementary Health Screening offered.


If you’ve been hit with a runny nose, sinus pain or infection, and fatigue, you may have allergies, or you just might have nonallergic rhinitis, a sneaky copycat condition.  Knowing what condition is causing your symptoms is important for getting relief. Dr. Shirley Espinoza presents simple, natural, drug free solutions to help you solve the source of your symptom. Screening offered

NEW! How Do My Feet Affect My Health

Your feet are your foundation, and a healthy body starts from the ground up. Shifted bones and dropped arches within the feet are the leading cause of foot pain. Your feet may not hurt, but they can cause stress and pain throughout the body. Imbalances in your feet may cause or contribute to problems in your ankles, knees, hips, back, neck – even if your feet don’t hurt.  Dr. Shirley Espinoza will present “Drug FREE”, “Surgical FREE” treatment options that may be the key to a “PAIN FREE’ future for you. Complimentary Digital foot screening offered.

Tummy Trouble

Acid reflux, upset stomach, gastritis, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, constipation and even the inability to lose weight are just a few of the digestive disorders that can affect your tummy. Our digestive and Colon health are important factors in maintaining an overall healthy body and preventing various diseases. Learn natural drug free solutions to improve and or correct these disorders, and promote natural weight loss. Screening offered.

NEW! Living Stress Free

There are many forms of stress that affect the body. This discussion address’s Reducing the physical, and physiological, factors that lead to stress, pain & disease in the body with natural solutions. Presented by Dr. Shirley Espinoza. Complementary Health Screening offered.

NEW! DRUG FREE Alternatives for Pain

Do you have pain and dysfunction from a sports injury, car accident, bump or fall? Out Health is our most important asset. With today’s opioid crisis looming larger than ever, it’s obvious Drugs are NOT the ANSWER. This class discusses where true health comes from and the many “Drug Free” treatment options and natural solutions available to assist you in restoring your health and quality of life. Complementary Health Screening offered.

NEW! Reducing your risk for Osteoporosis

Do you want to make lowering the risk of osteoporosis and fracture a priority? There are many DRUG FREE natural treatment options available to lowering your risk factor.

This discussion includes information on diet, exercise, spinal hygiene, supplements and various therapies used to reduce or strengthen and manage your osteoporosis. Complementary Health Screening offered.

NEW! High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol!

Learn about the causes and small steps you can take toward correcting your high blood pressure and cholesterol. Dr. Shirley Espinoza will present natural alternatives. The more you know, the easier it becomes to lower your blood pressure & cholesterol and eliminate expensive toxic drugs.